Why Me?

Need IT-oriented content that works?

Your CEO demands more sales leads. More leads start with compelling content. But you do not have enough staff to produce all the content you need to market your IT solution or services.

Besides, it is hard to write compelling content when interrupted by phone calls, urgent emails, questions from colleagues, and meetings.

I know, I used to be the Marketing Manager at several IT companies.

I also know how difficult it is to find a copywriter who understands complex technology and can translate it into clear, logical and compelling copy. That’s why I used to write a lot of it myself.

Today, I draw from my 15-year IT marketing writing experience to help companies like yours produce the content they need.

Because I used to be in your shoes, I understand the meaning of your value proposition, the importance of adhering to your brand guidelines and your need for content that generates leads.

I also understand that deadlines are crucial. That is why I never miss them.

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